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Founded in the (Australian) winter of 2019,  Augustine & Co. Immigration Lawyers is an incorporated legal practice specialising in Australian immigration & citizenship law.

Being innovative thinkers, client service leaders and champions of justice, traits that have fueled Augustine & Co.’s rise from a Melbourne start-up to a remote-first, global powerhouse.

The exceptional niche knowledge and expertise of their immigration lawyers’ and consultants’ in immigration law, make Augustine & Co. the Australian immigration law firm of choice for a variety of clients, ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations.

No matter how complex your case/circumstances, their immigration professionals will endeavour to provide you with a strategic action plan that serves as a solution piece to all your specific immigration needs and intentions.

By providing strategic advice coupled with pragmatic solutions to often complex situations, this leading immigration law firm has been delivering clients throughout the world with custom-tailored, proudly Australian – immigration solutions, whilst always bearing in mind that at the heart of every immigration matter is an individual. 

Augustine & Co. works in strategic alliance with an American immigration law firm based in New York City and a couple of Canadian immigration law firms based in the US & Canada, consequently expanding their client base made up of immigrants from North America and catering to the immigration needs of the Australian expat community living in the United States and Canada. 

The Australian immigration and citizenship process can be complex, ever-changing, and confusing, but if navigated correctly, can lead to YOUR Australian Dream!

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