Priority Processing for Visa Applicants Overseas in Healthcare and Teaching Occupations

Australia is a popular destination for skilled migrants, and the government has several visa programs in place to attract these workers. In recent years, the government has placed a priority on processing visa applications for healthcare and education workers, as well as those who are willing to work in regional areas.

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The following are the key priorities for skilled visa processing in Australia:

Healthcare and education workers: Visa applications in relation to a healthcare or teaching occupation are given top priority. This is because these workers are in high demand in Australia, and they play a vital role in the country’s economy and society. 

Primary school teacher and classroom students

Employer sponsored visas: Visa applications where the applicant is nominated by an Approved sponsor with Accredited Status are also given priority. This is because these visas are seen as being more likely to result in a successful outcome for the applicant.

Regional visas: Visa applications in relation to an occupation to be carried out in a designated regional area are also given priority. This is part of the government’s efforts to attract skilled migrants to regional Australia, where there is a shortage of workers. 

Permanent and provisional visa subclasses: Visa applications for permanent and provisional visas that count towards the migration program are also given priority. This is because these visas are seen as being more beneficial to Australia in the long term.

  • Holders of eligible passports: For all categories of skilled visa applications, priority is given to holders of eligible passports. This means that citizens of certain countries are more likely to have their visa applications processed more quickly.
  • Visa applications where the primary applicant is located outside Australia: Within each category of skilled visa applications, priority is given to visa applications where the primary applicant is located outside Australia at the time the visa application is made. This is because the government believes that these applicants are more likely to be successful in their settlement in Australia.


The government’s priority for processing skilled visa applications is designed to attract the best and brightest workers to Australia. This will help to boost the economy and create jobs, as well as address the skills shortages in certain sectors.

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Primary school teacher and classroom students